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Our Programs

Magnolia Project partners with schools and districts to embed our Career Exploration and Apprenticeship Pathways into the school day. Our pathways allow students to discover their passions, and industries and careers that are exciting for them, so they have a variety of different options for their Meaningful Next Phase (MNP) of life. Magnolia Project defines Meaningful Next Phase as a personal, student driven, post high school plan that upholds the student's decision making skills,

values and strengths.
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Career Exploration Pathway

​​For students in 7th-10th grade, Magnolia Project’s Career Explorations Pathway is an amazing introduction to the adult world! Career Explorations are a 3 to 5 day exploratory off-campus job shadow with a mentor in the local community. Mentors come from all walks of life, and a variety of different industries, such as agriculture, manufacturing, education, non-profit, public safety,  journalism, and so much more! 


We also offer on-campus Exploration opportunities, for students who are not quite ready to make the journey off-campus. On-Campus explorations are an opportunity for students to take immersive classes with an industry expert, and get a glimpse of what a future career could look like. Past on-campus explorations include film, cosmetology and barbering, agriculture, culinary and fitness! 

Magnolia Project’s Career Exploration Pathway is fully embedded into the school day. In preparation for their career exploration, students participate in 12 pre-work sessions focused on identifying their passions and career interests, understanding the community and the local economy, and developing work-readiness competencies. The culminating 3-5 day off campus experience gives students the opportunity to shadow, and work with an expert in their field. To conclude, students share their experience and reflections with the school community, their family and mentor through a presentation of learning and start to plan for their future through a Meaningful Next Phase plan.

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Apprenticeship Pathway

Apprenticeships allow students in 11th-12th grade to work with an experienced mentor and make a meaningful contribution to a local business. Apprenticeships are a 1-2 week, full-time off-campus work based learning experience focused on career development and skill building.
Magnolia Project’s Apprenticeship Pathway is fully embedded into the school day. Students participate in pre-work sessions focused on skill building, professional development, and mastering work readiness competen
cies. Students are also exposed to relevant workplace training around a variety of topics, such as: sexual harassment prevention, workplace safety and compliance, and anti-bias and diversity training.
Under the tutelage of a mentor, students complete a meaningful project at their worksite. Projects vary across industries, and in their depth and breadth. For example, students may build a website or create social media content for a local business, assist with the installation of a bathroom, learn how to bake bread at a bakery, aid with company-wide scheduling, or prepare and teach a lesson plan to elementary school students. Student projects are intended to build durable skills while benefiting the business and mentor. 
After successful completion of their apprenticeship, students share their experience with their mentor, family and the community. Students add their apprenticeship to their resume, allowing them to stand out during their job search and/or college application process.

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